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The over-arching concept I employ is protecting your data balanced with making it available where you need it.

This can take the form of:

  • Software is on the different types of devices you use

  • Use of "cloud" storage is adequately protected

  • Email accounts are maintained and your stored emails are accessible where you need them

  • The local network is segmented into internet-only and work areas

  • System & data access across locations securely

  • Data is on reliable equipment

  • Data is backed up at the frequency that makes sense for you budget

  • That disaster recover has been considered

  • That decommissioned equipment no longer contains your data

"Everything" is, or contains, a computer these days -- SmartTVs, SmartPhones, appliances, security cameras, routers, internet modems, ...

And while that's great from my "play" perspective, it also means we need to make sure they work to your advantage and not against you, which may be as simple as setting it up for you initially and showing you how to maintain it.

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